Adding Custom Waterfalls to your project

Adding Custom Waterfalls to your project

Adding Custom Waterfalls to your project

Adding Custom waterfalls to any fiberglass pool project will greatly enhance the overall aesthetics of the project. With this being said deciding on a waterfall at the time of purchase doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. During the time of installation our crew can install the valves at the pump and filter location needed to direct the pool water to the waterfall or future water feature. As long as the system is set up for a future waterfall there is no need to do it right away. If you are sticking to a budget like most of us a waterfall at the time of purchase might not be feasable, however a year or two down the road this can all happen if planned ahead accordingly. There are many different varieties of water features available in today’s market but today I will focus on Moss Rock waterfalls with either one, Two or three spouts. I will also give a ball park price on what each of these water features run approximately. Keep in mind pricing can vary according to job access and location.

Here you will see a 3 tier moss rock water feature with access lighting. This is the most common if you have enough room on the side of the pool to accomodate a 10′ waterfall feature. Keep in mind a waterfall can be placed just about anywhere on your new fiberglass pool. We assist all of our customers in determining the best overall spot of the waterfall with you. There is a lot you can do with the waterfall feature such as adding low voltage lighting, decorative plants behind the feature and many other design features that are unlimited when adding custom Waterfalls.


Here you see a very nice Two tier Moss Rock Waterfall with landscaping behind the water feature to enhance the overall look of the project. All the rocks get mortared together on site to create a solid structure. If you have any questions regarding any of our water features please contact our Sales team to discuss the endless possibilities pertaining to water features and waterfall projects.

Here is our top five reasons to purchase a waterfall on your new Project.


1. Waterfalls provide tranquil sounds and improves your overall mood.

2. They provide aesthetic value to your project.

3. Provides some sort of privacy when in the pool.

4. Provides depth and height to a portion of your project.

5. provides a place to add exotic landscaping and become the focal point of your project.

Here is a basic Guideline of pricing associated with a waterfall project. Keep in mind these prices do not include landscape lighting and plantings around the waterfall. Additional items will be discussed at the time of the sale.

6′ Moss rock waterfall with 1 water spout: 4,900.00

8′ Moss rock waterfall with 2 water spouts: 5,950.00

10′ Moss rock waterfall with 2-3 water spouts: 7,900.00

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