Artistic Pools helps out injured vet

The team at it again

The team at it again

San Juan Pools Completes Second Therapy Swimming Pool for U.S. Disabled Veteran

LAKELAND, Fla., March 13, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) — In a tangible show of support of our U.S. troops in Iraq, one company stepped up to the plate again with a therapy swimming pool. Steven Natow of Kissimmee, Florida is the second lucky veteran. During San Juan Fiberglass Pools National Dealer Academy Convention and Seminars in February, San Juan and its international dealers pooled their resources to build Steve Natow a $45,000 swimming pool complex in just two days. Now Steven can perform his daily necessary recovery regime from injuries sustained from his service in both the Vietnam and the Iraq wars. Steven Natow who originally served in the Vietnam War was recalled to active duty for the Iraq war to help protect the borders. He returned home with a broken hip and knee injuries.

The humanitarian and patriotic value of the project is an invaluable and symbolic gesture that goes far beyond its monetary value. Spokesman for the 50-year old San Juan Fiberglass Pool Company Keith Van Tilburg said, “It is a good project for a good cause, helping out disabled vets. We want to recognize their sacrifices and to give back just a little in the best way we can. Building pools is what we do best. We have a strong history of a top-quality product and excellent customer service. A project such as this not only shows our commitment to our customers but also San Juan Fiberglass Pools is making a positive contribution to society.”

This is San Juan Pools’ second major project to help a disabled American veteran. San Juan built a fiberglass therapy pool/spa Combo in 2005 for Peter Reid a Navel Seabee engineering core. San Juan Pools subsequently named its team of Dealership volunteer workers for this first project, “THE SAN JUAN SEE BEES” and will continue to use this name in the future.

Both completely donated pool complexes have the in-ground pool and hot tub built by San Juan Pools and the “THE SAN JUAN SEE BEES”. Aquamatic Pool Covers provided a free automatic pool cover for safety, and Endless Pools put in the Fast Lane, a swim current style aquatic exercise swim System. Sun Star Solar and AquaCal Heat Pumps provided water temperature control, and Pentair Products contributed the latest in filtration and automation technology to the project, but that’s not all. Fiberstars Lighting aluminates the swimming pool with their 4 color fiber optic lighting as well enabling Steven Natow the ability to do his aquatic therapy day or night. So there’s a lot of well-wishing support for our veterans from these water-related companies.

More than 60 San Juan Dealers coast to coast and from north to south joined in to work and show support for this special Veteran Project. Some dealers came from as far north as Canada and as far south as Martinique BWI. Because of all the generosity and support, the humanitarian project was completed in just 2 days, February 23 and 24, 2007.


Once again Michael and I are honored to be part of such a wonderful project.  This is the second service project michael and I participated in over the past few years.  We are always looking for Vet’s that have been affected fighting for our country that could use our help.  If you or someone you know has been affected fighting for our country please let us know.  Your yard could be the next stop for the San Juan Seabees.  I can honestly say by looking at the picture above that I have contributed and left a Stamp (no pun intended) on one mans life forever. I anticipate the next experience with open arms and look forward to changing the life of people who serve our country.

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