Fiberglass Pools

The secret is out.  Fiberglass Pools are becoming the fastest growing segment of the swimming pool industry.  Why?  Fiberglass Pools have been around since 1958 and since then Fiberglass Pool manufacturing has grown tremendously throughout the country and abroad.  I have … Continue reading

The Artistic Pools Corp Story

“Your a Lion, I follow him” Well, the title of this article says it all! Yea right. Sounds like deep thoughts by Jack Handy from Saturday night live back in the day. Most of you will know what I’m talking … Continue reading

Price of a Fiberglass Pool

The number one question that always comes up is.  What is the price of a fiberglass pool?  Justifiably so, considering this will be one of the single most expensive investments you will make other than your home in your entire … Continue reading

Why Artistic Pools Corp

So the big question is, why should we choose Artistic Pools Corp to install our fiberglass swimming pool project?  The reason is simple!  We are owner operated therefore providing each and every customer with the highest level of Customer Service.  … Continue reading

Hardscaping NJ

Hello and thank you for visiting our Hardscaping NJ page.  I would first like to point out that all of our hardscaping  and water features work is done in house by my brother Joe Peditto and Nephew Joey Peditto.  Joe … Continue reading

Basic pool Package

What does the basic pool package Include? Pool Permit Work Pool engineering plans from Manufacturer Pool Delivery to Site Excavation Dirt Removal Gravel or Sand Backfill 2 Pool Returns 1 Skimmer 2 Main Drains Super-Flo Pool pump Glass Media Filter … Continue reading

Swimming Pool Permit Process

What should you expect during the permit process? it’s in our hands, mostly that is! Prior to installing a fiberglass pool project with Artistic Pools every TWP requires a swimming pool permit Permit to be completed and processed.  Fortunately you … Continue reading

Pool Closings

Please take a second to review a few quick items regarding our Pool Closing Service: Here’s what’s included in your Pool closing for 299.00 Remove all handrails and ladders and store away one half hour vacuum ( Try your hardest to clean pool day … Continue reading

Fiberglass Pool Distribution Center

Welcome to San Juan Pools northeast fiberglass pool distribution center.  Artistic Pools Corp located at 2312 Wallace blvd Cinnaminson, NJ 08077 has been installing and transporting fiberglass swimming pools for over a decade now.   So what is a fiberglass … Continue reading

Winter Safety Covers

        ProMesh™ Safety Cover Systems This mesh safety cover material gives you solid coverage benefits without the added weight. Promesh covers come standard with stronger commercial grade springs on custom covers that give you a tighter, stronger … Continue reading