Artistic Pools Helps out Navy Seabee

The San Juan Family had the privilege of building a therapeutic pool and spa combination for Navy Seabee Peter Reid who was severely injured in the Iraq war. In all our years as a company we have never witnessed a … Continue reading

Website or Websites (Holding the Gold)

The purpose of this Blog post is to educate and enlighten many business owners out there that are thinking about building a website for the first time. A website is a very important part of any business especially in this … Continue reading

Should I buy a Pool or a Boat

  I am going to make a comparison between 2 major purchases that I have personally made over the past few years. One being a fiberglass pool project in which I invested 50,000 into and the other being a 24 … Continue reading

Stamped Concrete NJ

 Artistic Pools transforming ordinary Concrete into a work of Art It seems like not that long ago there was no one installing stamped concrete in new jersey. But in all reality it has been well over thirty years now. My … Continue reading

3 D Designs by Artistic Pools

  Check out our Latest Designs on Pinterest Now! Using pool studio software with our sales staff has made the client’s experience here with artistic pools that much more pleasing.  After a 20 minute conversation discussing the pool project, we … Continue reading

Installing Fiberglass Pools in Sand or Gravel

  The purpose of this post is to point out the benefits of using 3/8 clean gravel stone back fill for a fiberglass pool installation.  Let me point out that not every situation calls for gravel back fill, however in … Continue reading

The Zero Down Approach

The purpose of this post is to explain one of our most powerful Sales techniques that we have encountered in the Fiberglass Pool business since our beginning.  Before I get started let me explain that this model will not work … Continue reading