Can Stamped Concrete be Re-Colored

Can Stamped Concrete be Re-Colored

Can Stamped Concrete be Re-Colored

So the question is, “Can Stamped Concrete be re-colored” at a later date to improve the overall appearance of a stamped concrete job. The answer is yes. After being in this field for a very long time we have come up with numerous tricks to the trade to make the overall appearance of aged stamped concrete look new again. We have found that this process even looks better than the first time around. There are many factors out there that cause the overall appearance of Stamped Concrete to diminish over time. The main reason is simply that the Solvent based sealer that we use on the concrete looses it’s luster over time. When this occurs the surface becomes less shiny which makes the surface look slightly dull. Stamped concrete needs to be resealed roughly every 3 years to protect and bring out the vibrant colors in the stamped concrete. We have mastered the process of re coloring stamped concrete utilizing a product called E-Z Tique. Stamped concrete utilizes a two color process which makes the pattern appear Two dimensional meaning a primary color and a secondary color. This process is what makes stamped concrete look realistic. So what is the process used to re-color stamped concrete and how much does it cost?

The first step in any color application is to make sure the surface is clean and free of any dirt, oil, greese or any other material that would eliminate bonding of new materials. The first step of the process is to Pressure wash the entire surface with a minimum 3,000 PSI pressure washer. Once the entire Job is free of dirt the coloring process begins. We mix up water and E-Z Tique in a 5 gallon Bucket and apply small sections at a time evenly over the existing Stamped Concrete using a soft finishing Broom. The material we use has a cement base which helps bond the material to the existing surface. We make sure we do a 10 ft by 10 ft area to ensure even coverage throughout. This is where your Artistic ability comes into play. The best part in re Antiquing Stamped Concrete is that you decide where and how much color to apply. If you do not like what you see simply hose off what you started and try again until you get the color right.

Once the Coloring process is completed it’s time to Spray 2 coats of Solvent based sealer over the color enhancement product. Please never use a water based product over existing Solvent based materials. You will regret it I promise you. Always and I repeat always use a non Skid additive to the sealer to eliminate slip and falls. We use a product called Skid Tex. Always remember that before you seal anything make sure the entire surface of the Stamped Concrete is Dry for at least 24 hrs. The pressure washing and coloring can be done in one day and following day the sealer can be applied. You need to be a weather man for a day or so because you definitely do not want rain to spoil all your hard work. Rain and color and rain and sealer do not mix so make sure you give yourself two nice days to work with.

The cost to Pressure wash, Color and Seal existing Stamped concrete will run between 2.25-2.75 per sq/ft depending on travel time and size of Job. We have done quite a few of these over the past few years and are real excited with the outcome. You can see for yourself that this process really makes the job POP. For more info on Color enhancement please contact our service department at Artistic Pools for a free evaluation of this process. Please come back soon for a live video demonstrating this process from start to finish. Please look at the pics below of our latest color enhancement project.


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