Swimming Pool Permit Process

swimming pool permit process

swimming pool permit process

What should you expect during the permit process? it’s in our hands, mostly that is!

Prior to installing a fiberglass pool project with Artistic Pools every TWP requires a swimming pool permit Permit to be completed and processed.  Fortunately you will have the pleasure to have Artistic Pools complete this process for you.  When our Sales staff arrives at your home for a free consultation we will be prepared to inform you the customer of any size limitations that we see.  We have done over 500 TWP swimming pool permits over the years.  We have a list of township setbacks listed in our database to reference if need be.  Just know that setbacks vary in every TWP and in some cases townships have different zones with different setback requirements.  Once you decide on using Artistic Pools for your swimming pool project we then can begin to submit he permit to the TWP.  We have to follow specific steps in order to get the permit processed quickly without any delays.

Step 1

As soon as you begin to think about a swimming pool project try to get your hands on your survey to your property.  Usually you can find this with your mortgage papers if not there check with your TWP they sometimes have a copy on file.  Currently 50 percent of townships require a more detailed survey called a Topographical Survey/ or Grading plan.  These types of surveys give the TWP additional information such as elevations and water run off.  Townships utilize this practice to eliminate builders from building too high and directing the flow of water to adjoining neighbors properties.  These types of surveys if required has to be done by a licensed engineer in the state you reside in.  If a Topo is needed this will cost you on average between 700 and 1200 depending on the engineer and could take approximately 2 weeks or longer to complete.  We do have engineers that work for our company.  We will know all of this information prior to a site visit to your home so there will be no surprises once the permit process begins.

Step 2

If you are planning on installing a gas heater on your pool then we would need to get a licensed plumber involved in the project.  Although we are strong supporters of Electric heat pumps we do sell a couple of Gas Heaters a year so this is for you gas heater lovers.  If you know a plumber fine, he or she would need to fill out a plumbing tech form and send that along with a riser diagram to the address provided at the bottom of this Blog Post.  If you do not know a plumber, no problem we have a couple that work along with us.  Just remember a TWP will not accept an incomplete permit with missing items.  Our job is to make sure we have everything needed as to not cause any delays in getting approvals and beginning your new fiberglass pool project.

Step 3

All Townships require that a permanent fence be installed, if one is not currently in place.  If you do have a fence in place we need to make sure it is pool code and the correct locking mechanism is in place.  If you do not have a fence in place we recommend contacting local fence companies to get pricing and define the style fence you are choosing so we can include on the building permit.  This information has to be located on the survey. If you can not locate a fence contractor we can help you locate a contractor, or you can use our fence guy depending on job location.  Some townships require a fence permit to be included in the permit package however some allow us just to include the company name of fence contractor, address of Contractor, Phone Number, Price of fence job, Type and Height of fence to be installed and their home improvement contractors License number.  If a fence permit is required you need to have the fence contractor fill out the fence permit form, just one page and either mail it to us or bring it to the TWP and ask them to include it in our permit application.  Once we have these documents in hand we can then mail the completed building, Zoning, construction, electrical and FENCE and or PLUMBING SUBCODE if needed to the TWP for review.

Fence Requirements

Inground swimming pools shall comply with the following with most townships.

1. The top of the barrier shall be at least 48 inches or 4′ above grade measured on the side of the barrier which faces away from the swimming pool.  Note that some,  only a few TWPS require a 5 ft minimum and is very unlikely.

2. There are also different requirement for the many types of fences out there.

Chain Link fences require the small links so they are non climbable.  The mesh can be changed out.

Slatted wood fences need the horizontal rails to be located on the pool side so the fence is non climbable from the neighbors Property.

PVC fencing is fine because generally there are no horizontal members to climb on.

3. The pool has to be completely enclosed with a fence barrier.  It can be either around the pool itself, or it can be around your property extending off the corners of your house.   This method of installation will allow direct access into your swimming pool project so make sure you install door alarms if your children can not swim yet.

4. The gates entering into your pool project  must comply with TWP regulations.  The gate lock mechanism must be a minimum of 54″ high, must open outward away from your pool project, gate must be self closing using a spring latch and gate must be self locking.

So how long does my permit process take in the TWP?

Generally speaking a swimming pool permit normally takes 20 business days or 4 weeks on average.  With that said we do have Townships that take a week or two and some that take over a month.  Once we have everything in hand it only takes us approximately 2 days to get the paperwork together and out to the TWP. The rest is in the hands of the Township.

What will hold my permit process up?

A variance.  A variance is needed when either you exceeded the Townships allowable impervious ground coverage or if there just isn’t enough room to install the pool of your dreams with the township setbacks.  Say for example you have a 50′ wide backyard and the Twp setbacks are 10′ from the sides and rear.  That means you have 20 ft of setbacks, ten on the left side and ten on the right side.  This means the largest pool you can put in without a variance is a 30′ pool.  You now have to make the choice.  You wanted the 34′ pool but you can only do our 30′ pool.  You can either apply for a variance which will hold the process up approx 2 months minimum or you can put the 30′ pool in with no problems.  The choice is yours and we will do our best the let you know ahead of time of the maximum size pool that can be installed in your yard.

Bulk heads

If you live on the water especially with a bulkhead the general rule of thumb is a setback of 15 ft to waters edge.  I know that long beach island NJ requires the installation of pilings into the ground to attach to the pool in case of that 100 year flood.  If pilings or footings are required a local engineer would have to provide us with plans in order to proceed with the pool project.

So how much will my permits cost?

Most townships charge on a per 1000 basis however i have seen a lot of Twps not follow the general rule.  I would say the average building permit costs around 350.  I have seen the occasional 200 permit and some up in the range of 800.  Keep in mind if the TWP required a Topo/grading plan or a piling engineer if you live on the water this will increase your total costs of permits.

For Permit Questions Please contact:

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