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Artistic Pools Customer Testimonials

  Check out Artistic Pools Customer Testimonials. Please take some time to read through some of our most recent and Past customer reviews. Right below you will find our Google reviews as well as reviews from all Recent San Juan … Continue reading

Artistic Pools Corp company profile

  To date I have given recognition to Pool Manufacturers, Tile companies, and other major players within our business. The time has come for the most important recognition of all; the team that makes Artistic Pools who we are. Below … Continue reading

Adding Custom Waterfalls to your project

Adding Custom waterfalls to any fiberglass pool project will greatly enhance the overall aesthetics of the project. With this being said deciding on a waterfall at the time of purchase doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. During the time … Continue reading

What is my Fiberglass Pool Project going to Cost

One of the most common questions asked in the swimming pool business is “how much is this project going to cost me”. I know this is a very important question to ask upfront but lets not forget Quality and workmanship … Continue reading

Do we really need Main Drains?

INDUSTRY NEWS VGB Residential Requirements Finalized By Rebecca Robledo| 3.12.2010 The question of how the Virginia Graeme Baker act will affect residential pools has finally been answered. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has finalized three aspects of VGB that were … Continue reading

Should I buy a Pool or a Boat

  I am going to make a comparison between 2 major purchases that I have personally made over the past few years. One being a fiberglass pool project in which I invested 50,000 into and the other being a 24 … Continue reading

Installing Fiberglass Pools in Sand or Gravel

  The purpose of this post is to point out the benefits of using 3/8 clean gravel stone back fill for a fiberglass pool installation.  Let me point out that not every situation calls for gravel back fill, however in … Continue reading