What is my Fiberglass Pool Project going to Cost

fiberglass pool price

fiberglass pool price

One of the most common questions asked in the swimming pool business is “how much is this project going to cost me”. I know this is a very important question to ask upfront but lets not forget Quality and workmanship when doing so. Pricing on fiberglass pool project depends on numerous factors. Transportation is a huge factor that has to be taken into account. Type of fiberglass pool, meaning which manufacturer have you decided to purchase from. Material costs are also a huge factor. For example when working in Pennsylvania near rock quarries my cost of stone is around 10.00 a ton. When we head north into New York Stone can range between 29.00 and 52.00 a ton. With this being said I would like to give you the customer an idea of costs associated with a fiberglass pool project from Artistic Pools Corp. Again this pricing is a guide, a general rule of thumb after surveying numerous pool companies related to pool cost. Pricing for fiberglass pools in the North tend to be slightly higher due to transportation costs out of Florida, Texas and Virginia.

Artistic Pools is owner operated offering complete packages with no Sub contractors. Our business is successful because we care about the end result. Remember the old saying you get what you pay for. This is so true in the swimming pool Business. Would you rather pay a company who uses all subs to complete your fantasy pool. I highly doubt it. Remember subs are paid by the owner of the company. There is no better felling than utilizing a company that is owner operated. Mike Neri my partner is on every job from start to finish. Please keep this in mind when comparing apples to apples. So what is this project going to cost our family, and what upgrades should we look into purchasing along with our dream pool? The pricing below is based on a complete project. So before I get into what the pool is going to cost along with any additional options you may choose, let me describe what Artistic describes as complete. Basic package includes: excavation, Dirt removal from the site, Set pool, Provide 3/8 gravel back fill, Plumbing of Pool, Pump, filter, chlorinator, handrail, Ladder, start-up chemicals, maintenance package, 3′ of concrete, Cantilever Coping, electrical run up to 50 ft ( 10.00 per ft over 50′), and all permit work is done by my beautiful wife Jenea. This is a complete pool up and running. Now we can get into the cost’s associated with a fiberglass pool. Remember you get what you pay for and we at Artistic Pools uses only the finest Manufacturers in the world today;¬† San Juan Pools¬†

What’s my cost: A general rule of thumb is that a Fiberglass Pool project runs 1,000 per ft. This can vary according to Manufacturer, pool inventory and availability of materials and any specials that are running on pools in inventory. Here is a few examples of how this theory of 1,000 per foot works out. The only area this theory is a little out of wack is the 40′ pools. Our current pricing is around 37-38 thousand. But again this is a general rule of thumb throughout the industry.

12 by 19 fiberglass pool complete 23,000

12 by 24 fiberglass pool complete 25,000

12 by 28 fiberglass pool complete 28,000

15 by 30 fiberglass pool complete 32,500

15 by 34 fiberglass pool complete 34,500

16 by 40 fiberglass pool complete 40,000

OK now that you have an idea of what your pool up and running is going to cost what about all the ugrades? Ninety percent of the time our customers purchase 8 major upgrades on their fiberglass pool projects. These are:

1. Pool tile (between 875 and 2500 for basic pool tile)

2. Electric Heat Pump (between 3,750 and 4,900 installed depending on size)

3. Led Lighting (between 900 and 1900 depending on how many lights)

4. SVRS variable speed pump (1,200 installed)

5. Auto Pool cleaner (1,050 tiger shark)

6. Salt Generator( 1,600 average)

7. Winter Safety Cover ( between 1,875 and 2,700 depending on size)

8. Stamped Concrete ( 10.00-13.50 sq/ft depending on location)

Artistic Pools offers additional options other than those listed above. We offer slides, diving boards, retaining Walls, fencing, water features, out door Kitchens and many other outdoor living space projects. We take 0 down and have your pool installed before any payment is due to Artistic. I hope this Blog post gave you the consumer a basis of what you should expect when purchasing a fiberglass swimming pool. I will go into the benefits of purchasing a pool from someone you can trust in a later blog post.

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