Artistic Pools Service Division

Kevin Thurman Service Tech

Kevin Thurman Service Tech


Artistic Pools Corp offers a complete service department to make your life easier.  Opening and closing your swimming pool should be done by a professional.  We have closed thousands of swimming pools over the years and utilize the best practices and state of the art chemicals to ensure your swimming pool is winterized properly.  We have two leaders that run our service department along with many employees that are highly trained in swimming pool maintenance and service.  Kevin Thurman who has been with Artistic Pools for nearly 10 years now runs part of our service company.  Kevin is a jack of all trades and usually can fix just about anything he is faced with.  Kevin is also a part of our installation crew during the height of pool installation season.  Kevin is responsible for building all of our plumbing systems such as pumps, filters, Salt Systems, heaters, water features, lighting and most importantly he assists is the setting of all of our fiberglass pool projects.  Our second team leader in the service department is David McGarigle.  David also has been involved with Artistic Pools for many years.  David has numerous responsibilities within our company.  David and Kevin both run our service department however David also is the man responsible for Saw cutting the concrete, Pressure washing and sealing our Stamped Concrete pool decks.  David also is the person who does all the orientations with our customers once the pool project is completed.  He goes over the entire pool system and educates you the customer how to run, operate and maintain your pool properly.  Please visit our Maintenance page for more info on how to properly maintain your new fiberglass pool project.

We at artistic Pools strive to make your pool buying experience wonderful.  I must say our communication is uncanny.  We are always available through email and answer our cell phones all the time.  Opening and Closing a pool can be a daunting task.  If done improperly can wind up costing you the consumer thousands in repairs due to the lines not being blown out properly, inlet fitting not plugged correctly, or any other small step missed throughout the process.  Openings and closings range between 259 and 299 depending on the size of your swimming pool.  Think about it as a small insurance policy.  We have made the process of scheduling your opening and closings a breeze.  We now utilize Paypal for the payments of our openings and closings.  Our customers pay via our website just a few days prior to our arrival.  This process ensures that our service is paid for, but most importantly creates an invoice/receipt for your services requested.  This eliminates the need to create manual receipts and the need for our service tech to pick up money.  Please take a look at our Service portion of our website.  We will be adding new products and services soon to make your shopping experience even better.  Thanks for reading and check back soon for new Articles pertaining to fiberglass pools.

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