Pool Closings

Pool Closings

Pool Closings

Please take a second to review a few quick items regarding our Pool Closing Service:

Here’s what’s included in your Pool closing for 299.00

  • Remove all handrails and ladders and store away
  • one half hour vacuum ( Try your hardest to clean pool day before we come )
  • Winterize and clean filter-remove pressure gauge and plugs
  • Winterize and clean pump-remove plugs
  • Winterize salt generator and acid clean cell if applicable
  • Turn off electricity to pump system
  • Winterize heater if applicable
  • Remove skimmer basket/s and return eyeballs and or Jets
  • Make sure all valves left in open position
  • Install winter Gizmo onto skimmer line
  • Blow out all plumbing lines and install winter plugs as well as (slides and water features if applicable)
  • Note: All plugs, return eyeballs, etc. that were removed are stored in the pump basket.
  • Install winter safety cover
  • Clean up trash and tools
  • Transportation to and from jobsite
  • 2 service techs on job at all times

…and what’s NOT included in your closing for 299.00

  • Adding winterizing chemicals-customer should do this 24 hrs before pool to be shut down
  • Extensive Cleaning or Detailing of the Pool
  • Any winterizing plugs that are needed and not on site will be charged to the customer, but we usually let you slide on this one

Note: Please make sure we have access to the pool as well as the cover and winterization plugs for the skimmer and returns.

Please fill out the contact us Form to schedule your pool Closings in advance

To reach our service Tech by cell phone Please call:

Kevin Thurman



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