Pool Openings


Pool Openings

Pool Openings


Please take a second to review a few quick items regarding our Pool Opening Service:

Here’s what’s included in your opening for 299.00

  • Remove and store cover
  • Scoop out any leaves on bottom of pool and empty skimmer basket
  • Check pump and inspect filter elements
  • Half hour vacuum on pool
  • De-winterize Pool Equipment and Start-up Pool
  • Check for drips/leaks
  • Test and Run Heater
  • Replace handrails, ladders and other attached equipment
  • Check Salt Chlorinator and set to Superchlorinate (if applicable)
  • Clean up trash and tools
  • Add any chemicals provided by customer ( Please have salt or chlorine plus shock available during open date )
  • Transportation to and from jobsite
  • 2 service techs on site at all times

…and what’s NOT included for 299.00

  • Cleaning or Detailing the Pool past one half hour ( reason for this is pool bottom stirs up and pool becomes cloudy, therefore we cant see what we are cleaning )
  • Getting water clear or pool swim ready ( Customer responsible for detailing the pool the next day as water will be clear from the shock we add to the pool )
  • Any salt, chemicals, or other pool accessories

Note: Please make sure the power is on to the equipment, all entries to the pool area are open, and all parts are accessible.

Note: We always have additional chemicals on our service truck if we need them.  If you need us on a specific day please give us plenty notice well in advance.

Please fill out the contact us Form to schedule your pool openings in advance

To reach our service Tech by cell phone Please call:

Kevin Thurman





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