Astral Pool Pumps

Pool Pump 2

CTX Pumps by Astral (High end pool pumps)

 Superior performance compared to industry standard
  • Energy efficient motor resulting in lower operating costs
  • Low noise level
  • Suitable for in-floor cleaning systems, spa jets and other demanding applications

Modern pools and spas are a sophisticated combination of electronic and mechanical designs that require equipment that can handle the pressure of today’s swimming pool demands as well as survive in hard conditions.

Astral Pool pumps

  • With increasing levels of automation and equipment on pools and spas you need a pump that can handle moving water through your pool filter, salt chlorinator, in-floor cleaning systems or multi jet spas.The CTX Series pump has been designed to comfortably meet these needs by delivering a much higher head pressure and overall performance than other pumps. With reliable external protection and high quality components this pump will be reliable in all weather conditions.While meeting the demands of your equipment, the CTX moves more water, using less power in fewer hours per day. The means lower electricity costs. With the need for less frequent cleaning the CTX-Series pump will save you both time and money.Suitable for in-floor cleaning systems, spa jets and other demanding applications, the CTX Pump will provide high performance output. Available in 5 different sizes, the CTX Series pool and spa pump is the perfect choice for your pool.


Variable Speed Pumps

P280 Variable Speed Pump (High end Variable Speed Pump)

 Patented, high efficiency, variable speed pump saves on energy costs
  • Near silent operation
  • Universal “Title 20” replacement pump
  • Environmentally friendly – save up to one ton of CO2 emissions per year

Install a P280 Variable Speed pool and spa pump and relax with the knowledge that you will be reducing your electricity costs and providing your family with a crystal clean and healthy pool.

  • The P280 Variable Speed pool and spa pump utilizes a state of the art, permanent magnet brushless 3 speed DC motor which has been developed to dramatically decrease your operating costs. Unlike conventional single speed motors, which work at maximum capacity at all time, the P280 adapts to the task at hand reducing your electricity consumption and saving you money all year round.The P280 is also significantly quieter than conventional pool pumps.   So quiet that it can be operated at times simply not feasible for other pumps.  This means you can use your pump during off peak electricity times reducing your power bill even further.With the P280 installed you will have the advantage of reduced chlorinator size, increased sanitizer stability and reduced wear and tear on your filtration plus more efficient cleaning of your media filter all to help your pool equipment last longer and reduce the lifetime operating costs of your pool.

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