Why Artistic Pools Corp

So the big question is, why should we choose Artistic Pools Corp to install our fiberglass swimming pool project?  The reason is simple!  We are owner operated therefore providing each and every customer with the highest level of Customer Service.  Our reputation speaks for itself.  We now have over 500 fiberglass pool installations throughout NJ, PA and DE with hundreds of positive Customer Testimonials from our clients.  We also run the largest fiberglass pool distribution facility in the Northeast, which means no timely delays in getting your pool. Sweet!  Every member of our team is responsive, meaning every email and phone call gets answered immediately the same business day.  Yea I’m sure you heard that one before, right?  Well it’s true.  One of my biggest pet peeves in life is someone not returning my calls, and I’m sure most people feel the same way I do.  Communication is King.  We embrace this topic so much as to not have set business hours here at Artistic Pools.  Our customers are free to call us anytime, Day or Night, and I mean it.  Please visit our Company Profile page where you will find a list of employees with all contact info available.  Just know when choosing Artistic Pools, “You’ve made the right choice”.  Why the right choice!  Mike Neri, the owner is on every single pool install.  Let’s not forget your friendly salesman Craig Schaal as well.  Mike and John work together  during the pool installation and concrete decking ensuring each and every customer receives personalized attention to every detail.  So jump on board, take the plunge, and enjoy the experience Artistic Pools of NJ has to offer!

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